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Dataddo simplifies building dashboards with Klipfolio


With Dataddo, you can easily and automatically bring all of your data into dynamic Klipfolio dashboards and gain real-time access to all of your data. Learn how to connect Dataddo with your Klipfolio dashboard so you can monitor your metrics in real-time. Dataddo now offers a free plan.

Why dashboards?

There is a seemingly endless array of online services available to organizations today and the number grows each day. Organizations that choose to utilize the data from all of these sources will uncover new insights, new customers and new potential for growth. Klipfolio live dashboards make it easy to make sense of all of this data with beautiful and easy to analyze visuals.

About Dataddo

Dataddo was founded in Prague, Czech Republic in 2015 to provide a powerful data platform able to automate various data-handling operations ranging from extraction to transformation and eventually to delivery. Our goal is to save your company time by automating tedious data-handling processes so that you can focus on your core business and more importantly, your customers.

Dataddo works with many data sources and storages, provides complex data governance, data transformation, visualizations and analytics capability and can be easily wired to your existing IT stack. Dataddo is currently used by more than 2 000 companies and individuals from 100+ different countries including the world's biggest brands.

How to build a Dataddo dashboard

We have added a native Klipfolio connector to our platform and our users love how simple it is to integrate new data sources and automate the ETL process!

Use custom Dataddo data requests to create dashboards

Here's a video that demonstrates how to connect data:

Examples of Dataddo Dashboards

dataddo dashboard example 1 dataddo dashboard example 2