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Introducing the Klip Gallery - A different approach to auto-generating metrics

Klip Gallery for Auto-Generating Metrics

We’re excited to announce the beta for a new resource called the Klip Gallery. Klip Gallery is a library of predefined metrics for popular cloud data sources designed to accelerate dashboard creation. This new feature has been developed in the same spirit as our KlipStarts – to make dashboarding easier, faster, affordable, and more fun.

Instead of starting from scratch when building a dashboard, users simply choose from a list of predefined klips that answer key business questions like:

  • How is my marketing funnel performing?
  • How many connections do I have in LinkedIn and from what industries?
  • Who are my most engaged fans on Facebook?
  • Show me my email list performance and monthly list growth.

Many of the Klips in the Gallery will combine data from multiple data sources. For example, the marketing funnel Klip brings together data from Salesforce.com and Google Analytics.

So, what makes auto-generated Klips different?

Unlike other dashboarding and data visualization tools that provide pre-built “widgets” that can be added to the dashboard:

  • Klips are fully editable in the Klip Editor
  • Customize the appearance of any Klip
  • Edit the calculations and functions used
  • Add multiple data sources to a single Klip
  • Some Klip mashup data from multiple data sources

Details on the beta

The Klip Gallery is currently in beta for customers starting Monday, March 30th. Want access to the beta? Email us at success@klipfolio.com

Release date

We will be making this feature available to all users (trial users included) starting Wednesday, April 15th. Stay tuned for many more details!


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