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Introducing KlipStarts

Klipfolio - Introducing Klipstarts

The fastest way to build dashboards using common cloud services

Nothing is more fun to me than talking to a customer about what they’ve built with Klipfolio. Dashboards that monitor carbon emissions, track and fight infectious disease outbreaks, and improve operations at major airports. Pretty cool and purposeful applications, and it's something that makes me and the rest of the Klipfolio team look forward to coming to work each day.

We’ve always talked a lot about how different and unique each of our customer’s solutions are, but in early September we started discussing the opposite - what our customers were doing in common.

Let me explain why we care.

Many of our customers use cloud services such as Google Analytics, Zendesk, Salesforce etc., and there is a common set of questions that can be answered from these services … common to most of our customers.

For example, if you use Salesforce, most companies want to understand how they are performing against their sales targets. And if you use Google Analytics or comScore you want to know how many visitors you had and how many of these converted to leads. You get the point.

There is an opportunity to help our customers answer the most common questions right away.

Currently, every customer is building out a set of Klips (Klipfolio- speak for our metrics and visualizations) against these services -- the same Klips that possibly hundreds of other customers were building as well. And these Klips are the “lowest common denominator” Klips - not the high value “unique to my business” Klips that they want to be focused on.

So we’ve decided to change that, and are introducing what will be an on-going program of KlipStarts; pre-built dashboards complete with a set of meaningful Klips against popular data sources.

Today, I’m announcing our first one - a pre-built dashboard for Google Analytics that will answer the most commonly asked questions about web performance. It will be deployable as is and it will give you a head-start building out other Klips using Google Analytics as a data source.

How will they work? If you’re not a Klipfolio customer yet (I can assure you this is becoming more of a rarity each day!), simply sign up for a trial here and after entering your email and a bit of information to set up your Klipfolio trial account we will then work our magic in the background and then -- in just a few minutes -- you’ll have a fully functional, fully editable, real-time dashboard showing your Google Analytics data that you can deploy and share immediately.

Klipfolio - Klipstart Steps

We are very excited about the expansion of our offering to include these pre-built KlipStarts and will be releasing them on a frequent basis.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and what pre-built dashboards you’d like us to build next.


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