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Dashboard Template | 2016 Year-in-Review

2016 Year-in-Review Dashboard

Dreading your 2016 website reporting? Use the Year-in-Review dashboard to compare your 2016 website performance to your 2015 results.


Dashboard Template | Google Analytics - Daily Overview

Google Analytics - Daily Overview

How is your website performing right now? This dashboard is laser focused on answering that question.


Dashboard Template | Facebook Post Engagement

Facebook Post Engagement

How effective are your Facebook posts? Are you successful in creating engaging content? Check out this dashboard.


Dashboard Template | Social Media Command Centre

Social Media Command Centre

How are you performing on social media? This dashboard gives you a view into your performance on 6 platforms.


Dashboard Template | Rand Fishkin - Web Metrics

Rand Fishkin - Web Metrics

Rand Fishkin gave us the blueprint for a web metrics reporting dashboard, so we built it. Here's the Rand Fishkin dashboard by popular demand.


Facebook Ads - Overview

How are you performing on Facebook Ads? This dashboard helps you track key digital advertising metrics for Facebook like CPC, CPA, CTR, and spend.


Dashboard Template | Google Analytics - Website Overview

Google Analytics - Website Overview

Do you manage multiple websites? Or do you want to view the overview of your website across multiple time periods? This dashboard is ideal for either scenario. It's a popular choice for agencies reporting to clients.


Dashboard Template | Google AdWords - Account Overview

Google AdWords - Account Overview

How is your AdWords account performing? This dashboard helps answer this question by campaign and by advertising network across multiple time periods.


Dashboard Template | Social Media - Overview

[Beta] Social Media - Overview

How are you performing on your social media channels right now? This social media dashboard tracks metrics from 5 platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.


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