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GCS improves accountability across every department with Klipfolio

Klipfolio is used by GCS leaders and execs to answer the questions ‘How soon can we get this...

Mitch Dupuis- August 12, 2019

Nakoa saves two hours a week per client on reporting with Klipfolio

Nakoa scaled Klipfolio and created dashboards for all of their clients. The dashboards include the...

Mitch Dupuis- August 8, 2019

Netguru streamlines company-wide KPI monitoring with Klipfolio

Klipfolio has positively impacted NetGuru’s transparency and departmental alignment.

Mitch Dupuis- July 17, 2019

Seven tips for maximizing the benefits of KPIs

Are your KPIs telling you what you need to know? Are you wasting valuable time and effort...

Allan Wille- June 10, 2019

Turn sales into an exciting adventure with leaderboards

In the past years, Gamification has become the major tool of improving organizations’ overall...

Aleksandra Vetrova- January 23, 2019

10 of the best mobile website performance tools

This post gives you an overview of the 10 best mobile website performance tools (both free and paid...

Mark Brownlee- January 8, 2019

Mobile website performance: The essential KPIs

Optimizing your mobile website performance is essential. In this post we look at how you can...

Mark Brownlee- November 23, 2018

Black Friday Cyber Monday metrics for eCommerce stores

This post looks at the best metrics for measuring ecommerce success over the Black Friday Cyber...

Mark Brownlee- November 21, 2018

Reddit Marketing KPIs: The ultimate guide

This guide will help give you a sense for how to adopt KPIs that will set you up for success with...

Mark Brownlee- November 13, 2018

The KPIs of personal finance: How to measure your personal financial success

Tracking your personal financial success is an important means of reaching your financial goals....

Mark Brownlee- September 11, 2018

Data Driven Agency Series Chapter 1: Best KPIs for Marketing Agencies

The marketing industry is fast paced and increasingly competitive space, with today's top marketing...

Marisha Sesto- October 15, 2018

The top 10 Twitter analytics metrics you need to track

The 10 top Twitter Analytics metrics that determine how well a Twitter account is performing.

Mark Brownlee- August 3, 2018

What Are The Top 10 LinkedIn Analytics Metrics?

LinkedIn is unique compared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There’s 10 unique LinkedIn...

Mark Brownlee- July 27, 2018

Agency Reporting: Achieving More Together

Would you agree that working in an agency is organized creative, fun chaos? Here's how agency...

Marisha Sesto- July 24, 2018

The top 10 metrics for building a killer Facebook presence

It’s tricky to get effective results on Facebook with organic-only campaigns. Increasingly,...

Mark Brownlee- July 13, 2018

Top 10 Instagram Analytics metrics you need to measure

Instagram success starts with looking at the right metrics. There are 10 top metics digital...

Mark Brownlee- July 3, 2018

The 10 essential metrics for measuring YouTube Analytics success

Identify the common metrics used for measuring the performance of YouTube accounts and the videos...

Mark Brownlee- June 27, 2018

The beginner's guide to ecommerce KPIs

The world of commerce has changed fundamentally over the last 20 years.

Mark Brownlee- June 4, 2018

Identifying the right ABM metrics

Setting KPIs is an essential part of building a successful ABM strategy, but, you can’t just follow...

Mark Brownlee- May 30, 2018

Essential ABM metrics

Building account-based marketing metrics is a unique process, unlike traditional marketing...

Mark Brownlee- May 29, 2018