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UpHabit tracks marketing and product metrics with Klipfolio dashboards

Personal CRM company uses Klipfolio to track company metrics on a TV dashboard.

Mitch Dupuis- January 2, 2020

A guide to using psychographic data in your marketing strategy

Take your marketing strategy to the next level by using phychographic data to tap into the minds of...

Emil Kristensen- December 18, 2019

Klipfolio helps save 10 days of marketing report building efforts per month

WernerCo implements customizable dashboards that display dozens of data points in one view.

Mitch Dupuis- October 9, 2019

How to work with Google Analytics data in Klipfolio

Building a Google Analytics dashboard in Klipfolio is easy! Reading this blog is longer than it...

Pam Buffone- July 29, 2019

The journey to HubSpot Metrics

Building HubSpot metrics for your clients.

Scott Lawrence- May 28, 2019

Connecting Klipfolio to HubSpot just got a whole lot easier

Here are two examples where AstreaIT provided a little extra help in preparing data to get HubSpot...

Scott Lawrence- March 20, 2019

How CMOs should visualize their ad spend data to gain real-time insight

With 21% of the CMO budget spent on Paid Media, according to...

Dennis Mei - January 21, 2019

How Qualtry connected ActiveCampaign to track everything marketing

Klipfolio helps Qulatry know if they are on track to meeting monthly goals.

Mitch Dupuis- January 14, 2019

10 of the best mobile website performance tools

This post gives you an overview of the 10 best mobile website performance tools (both free and paid...

Mark Brownlee- January 8, 2019

Mobile website performance: The essential KPIs

Optimizing your mobile website performance is essential. In this post we look at how you can...

Mark Brownlee- November 23, 2018

4 dashboards our marketing team uses to track the metrics that matter most

We use many tools and platforms to lay a foundation that supports our marketing strategy; without...

Marisha Sesto- November 8, 2018

The 5 essential metrics for community engagement

The arrival of social media brought with it a big shift towards community-based marketing. Discover...

Lawrence Court- November 6, 2018

High-value vs. Undesirable Backlinks: 8 Tips that Lead to Big Business

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your site. They signify a vote of confidence...

Lisa Hughes-Nielsen- October 2, 2018

Real-time dashboards: Actionable data insight for CMOs

As a modern Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) you’re using all kinds of marketing technology and...

Elias Crum- September 6, 2018

Most Click-Through Data Is Wrong, and Here’s Why

Like all things, measuring email effectiveness involves identifying the right metrics.

Dave Moll- August 29, 2018

Data Driven Agency Series Chapter 1: Best KPIs for Marketing Agencies

The marketing industry is fast paced and increasingly competitive space, with today's top marketing...

Marisha Sesto- October 15, 2018

How agencies are winning clients in the ever changing world of digital marketing

There is no doubt that it is an exciting yet challenging time for digital marketers, who are faced...

Stef Reid- August 1, 2018

If You’re Not Capturing These Three Metrics, You’re Doing Lead Gen Wrong

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but HubSpot’s State of Inbound report reveals that the two...

Dave Moll- July 16, 2018

A&W: An email program 100 years in the making

In June 2019, A&W Restaurants will turn 100 years old. There are a lot of stories to be told...

Lisa Wester- June 28, 2018

Identifying the right ABM metrics

Setting KPIs is an essential part of building a successful ABM strategy, but, you can’t just follow...

Mark Brownlee- May 30, 2018