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Klipfolio helps Ascentis manage team performance using hard facts

Ascentis employees have become more ‘metrics-driven’ since the company started using Klipfolio....

Mitch Dupuis- August 20, 2019

GCS improves accountability across every department with Klipfolio

Klipfolio is used by GCS leaders and execs to answer the questions ‘How soon can we get this...

Mitch Dupuis- August 12, 2019

Nakoa saves two hours a week per client on reporting with Klipfolio

Nakoa scaled Klipfolio and created dashboards for all of their clients. The dashboards include the...

Mitch Dupuis- August 8, 2019

Klipfolio dashboards help Laundry Jeans become faster and more efficient

Laundry uses Klipfolio dashboards mainly for tracking how close they are to achieving their company...

Mitch Dupuis- July 24, 2019

Netguru streamlines company-wide KPI monitoring with Klipfolio

Klipfolio has positively impacted NetGuru’s transparency and departmental alignment.

Mitch Dupuis- July 17, 2019

Klipfolio for Executives: An Interview with CEO Dave Hale

Executive dashboards drive growth and transparency for Klifpolio users and offer c-suite executives...

Mitch Dupuis- July 10, 2019

Decisions made with Klipfolio lead to 300% growth for Venture Harbour

Venture Harbour currently uses six different dashboards, which each represent one area of focus for...

Mitch Dupuis- June 24, 2019

Cloud Ready offers a powerful server monitoring solution to their Partners

Cloud Ready is using Klipfolio to build real-time server monitoring reports for their Partners.

Mitch Dupuis- June 17, 2019

Klipfolio helps Think Biosolution fulfill over 90% of design requirements

Before using Klipfolio, Dr Sanyal was spending a large chunk of his time generating multiple...

Mitch Dupuis- June 11, 2019

Summit CPA streamlines their processes and client deliverables with Klipfolio

Dashboards and reports geared towards Virtual CFOs.

Mitch Dupuis- June 5, 2019

Cresa automates social media reporting with all-in-one dashboards

Cresa has harnessed their social media metrics with Klipfolio reporting.

Mitch Dupuis- May 13, 2019

Clarity Wave stays on track with SaaS metric monitoring

SaaS metrics are top of mind for the Clarity Wave team.

Mitch Dupuis- May 13, 2019

PayTabs embraces a data-driven strategy with KPI dashboards

PayTabs uses Klipfolio for tracking their company-wide KPIs.

Mitch Dupuis- May 21, 2019

Comet monitors growth KPIs using TV wallboards

TV dashbaords provide real-time analytics at a glance.

Mitch Dupuis- April 22, 2019

Dynamic start-up decides to spice things up with new KPI dashboards

Start-up metrics on aggregated dashboards save time and effort.

Mitch Dupuis- April 23, 2019

Independent consultant moves the needle for his clients with Klipfolio

Independent consultant Excel vs. Klipfolio reporting

Mitch Dupuis- April 11, 2019

Wicket is empowering data-informed decisions with Klipfolio

Dashboards for Association Management Software

Mitch Dupuis- April 3, 2019

The Realty Medics improve project management with Podio and Klipfolio

Improve your project management with Podio and Klipfolio metrics

Mitch Dupuis- March 26, 2019

Planday tracks top SaaS KPIs with new dashboard technology: PowerMetrics

SaaS company uses new dashboard features to monitor KPIs.

Mitch Dupuis- March 22, 2019

Connecting Klipfolio to HubSpot just got a whole lot easier

Here are two examples where AstreaIT provided a little extra help in preparing data to get HubSpot...

Scott Lawrence- March 20, 2019